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Dumpster Rental for roofing project or shingle removal

Tin Tipper help haul off debris from roofing project.

Roofing projects can create a large amount of debris. Renting a dumpster from Tin Tipper is key to ensuring a smooth and mess free project. Roofing materials are extremely heavy making it very difficult to haul with a standard truck or utility trailer. The wear and tear on your vehicle is simply not worth it.

During roof tear off and shingle removal, nails can be found everywhere having the ability to throw everything in one spot can reduce the potential from flat tires later on down the road.

Most landfill are filled with potential hazards for your vehicle, roofing contractors from throughout the county will come to this location. Creating a minefield of nails and hazards for potential costly damage to your vehicle. Let us here at Tin Tipper Dumpster Rental take on the burden of these hazards.

Depending on your location, your trip to haul off roofing debris may cost you an hour or more each way of drive time. When calculating the pros and cons of hiring a dumpster rental company to help with shingle removal consider, hazards, cost, and time that you would be saving and the amount of productivity this may cost you. 

how much to shingles weight and what size dumpster do i need to rent for my roofing project

How much do roofing Shingle really weigh ?

Roof shingle weight is really deceiving and can accumulate quickly.

A method of estimating the potential total weight of your old shingles is to calculate the amount of material or new shingle your are purchasing for this project.Multiplying the weight of each bundle by the exact number of bundles you are purchasing can help you achieve a rough estimate on how much this project will weigh. With that said, the type shingle you are purchasing will weight more or less based on quality. Most bundles of shingles will way in the area of fifty to eighty pounds / bundle.

Calculate the number of bundles x weight of 1 bundle x # of shingle layers on current roof = this will equal the estimated roof weight.


How much does a roofing square of shingle weigh ?

Knowing the number of squares your roof is, can help calculate your total shingle removal weight.

A square in the roofing industry if 100 square feet, this is the standard way to calculate in the roofing industry. A good way to look at this measurement is that 1 bundle will cover 33 sq ft, therefore 3 bundles cover 1 roofing square. Heavier shingle may only cover 25 sq ft, this is critical when calculating as this material will add much more weight. 

The average weight for a ( 1 ) square of roofing shingle can range from 150 lbs to 250 lbs. With the heavier shingles weighing up to 400 lbs.

Remember to always over estimate when doing calculation to ensure your getting the proper sized dumpster.


what does a roofing square of shingles weigh?